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Does anyone have a blog on blogger??

I’m a newbie!


Last December I cancelled my Luxe and Glymm box subscriptions I had because I just felt like I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. They were always such a hit or miss.

 Recently I caved after hearing so many great reviews on Glossy box and I signed up for their monthly membership. I received my May box a few weeks ago and l was more than surprised when I opened it.I definitely got more that I paid for ($15 a month).

Now I’m just counting down the days until I get my next one! I’ll post some pictures this time.

Fingers crossed that this month is just as great or even better than last!

Dream job… Wedding planner

Dream job… Wedding planner

need this

need this

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Who gets a cold in June?


I want to be laying by the pool…not laying in my bed!


Tawny’s birthday!


Tawny’s birthday!


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